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Mental Health Therapy & Support at The Retreat Clinics, York

At our adult’s mental health clinic in Heslington, York, we deliver mental health therapy for a range of issues you may be facing and support you in taking the steps you need to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

We can help with anxiety, depression, low mood, stress, grief and loss, relationship problems or any other difficulties in your life that you are facing.

Our team of qualified therapists and councillors offer bespoke therapy tailored to your mental health needs using various treatments and approaches that work best for you.


Types of Adult Mental Health Therapy

Woman in mental health therapy putting arm on other woman's shoulder

Individual Therapy

It’s normal for all of us to feel worried, sad, upset, or have difficult emotions from time-to-time. Usually, these difficulties improve, but life can be challenging when these feelings are persistent and lead to mental health difficulties. Our team of experienced therapists in York are here to find the right therapy for you, and we have many different options available.

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Couple sitting in couples therapy on sofa smiling at each other, man has arms around woman, therapist facing them and taking notes

Couple Therapy

Our therapists in York can design a treatment programme tailored to your mental health and relationship needs to find the approach that works for you.

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Group of people chatting in mental health group therapy

Group Therapy

We offer therapy which works for you. For some people, a group provides the best approach, such as group analytic therapy. From our friendly York clinic, we can help you to find the therapy style that works for your mental health.

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Group in family therapy, mum and dad and their child who is in a wheelchair

Family Therapy

Families can be challenging, and our experienced therapists in York will work with your family to aid communication and help develop healthy relationships. When one or more family members are living with symptoms of anxiety or depression or the impact of a life-limiting illness, these experiences often put additional strain on the family unit.

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Autism & ADHD

Our clinic in York provides assessments for adults who are seeking a diagnosis of Autism or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

We also offer bespoke therapy services to help you to make sense of your neurodiversity and specialist therapy, such as speech and language therapy.

We provide private and NHS-funded assessments for adults seeking an ADHD diagnosis. We also offer a range of specialist therapy.

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We understand that seeking therapy can be daunting and that taking the first step can be challenging. Please get in touch using the form below to find out more, or visit our contact page to learn about how we can help.


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