Adults Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessment & Diagnostic service in York, Manchester & online

Assessment and diagnostic service for ADHD

Many adults who are seeking an ADHD assessment are often experiencing problems in their everyday lives such as relationship issues, high levels of stress and difficulties managing daily responsibilities.

Through our assessment service, our team of experienced and friendly clinicians can determine if these issues are because of ADHD or as a result of other causes.

Our Assessment Services

Here at The Retreat Clinics, we provide a range of services for clients who are referred to us through NHS contracts:

Screening for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Assessment and diagnosis of ADHD

These assessments can be carried out at our welcoming clinic in York or online.


Assessments for adults with a moderate to severe learning disability

We provide assessments for people aged 18 years of age and over who live in the areas above, have a moderate to severe learning disability, and who are suspected by their GP or Consultant Psychiatrist of having ADHD.

We will work collaboratively with secondary learning disability and mental health services to provide training, and case management support for patients with complex needs requiring an assessment.

You can also take a read of our EasyRead guide to find out more about the assessment process by clicking here.

What are we commissioned to provide?

The ADHD assessment and medication service at the Retreat Clinics are currently resourced and commissioned to provide –

up to 242 ADHD diagnostic assessments per year

Dependant on demand there may be priority given to medication clients within the ADHD pathway due to urgent need, this may impact on the number of ADHD assessments we can provide.

Due to this increased demand on our services, we are continually exploring ways to changes to our assessment pathways so that our clients receive efficient and robust assessments whilst ensuring that we see as many people as we can, however, please be aware that we are unable to go beyond our commissioning capacity due to the limitations within our current NHS contract


If you have recently been diagnosed, and would like to access our Post Diagnostic Pack please see below:

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