Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Specialist Therapy in York, Manchester & online

Specialist Therapy

We offer a range of therapeutic support for Autistic adults following their diagnosis.

Our team of professional and friendly clinicians have specialist training and experience in supporting neuro-diverse people with a wide range of issues to do with mental health, relationships, and well-being. They can also help you to explore and come to terms with a new diagnosis, or to make sense of how to live with their neurodiversity.

Through Autism specific counselling, we can help you to cope with stress and anxiety, build your confidence and develop your social skills.

We can use different types of therapeutic methods such as talking therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, to further identify any difficulties and to develop strategies for you to manage social interaction and everyday living.

As well as our Autism specific counselling, we also provide specialist therapies which address issues that autistic people may have, including Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy.


Please note, this is not part of our NHS contract and therefore will need funding privately or via special agreement with the NHS.

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