Depression & Low Mood: Symptoms & Support in York, Manchester & online

What is Depression & Low Mood?

Experiencing different emotions is a normal part of life, but sometimes these can be overwhelming and leave you struggling. There will be a period of time or specific situations that can cause a low mood, but sometimes these feelings can weigh on you beyond what you can handle or expect.

If this low mood continues for a sustained period, without help addressing it, a sombre mood may begin to overwhelm you and impact your daily life. This, in time, can turn into depression.


The symptoms of Depression & Low Mood

Experiencing emotions such as sadness or unhappiness can build up, and how long these feelings will last is individual. It is helpful to know the difference between low mood and depression, so you can recognise the symptoms and get the support you need to address them and get back to feeling some enjoyment in life.


Symptoms of Low Mood include feeling:



More easily irritable

Not like yourself

A lot of these emotions should fade as the issue causing this perspective is resolved.


Symptoms of Depression include:

Withdrawing yourself from social situations

Feeling empty

Feeling numb

Sleeping more

Eating less or more

No longer taking an interest in activities you used to enjoy.

It is important to remember that every person is different, and these symptoms can vary; all emotions are valid and should not be suppressed. Keep an eye on the signs so you can seek professional help if you believe it is needed.


How to deal with Depression & Low Mood

The first thing to do is start a conversation with someone you trust and let them know you might be struggling. You do not have to give out anything you do not feel comfortable sharing but being honest can help you feel a relief of pressure.

Sit together and think about what they enjoy doing and take help to do things which support your wellbeing – such as establishing a routine, exercising, and eating balanced, healthy meals. This can as simple as following a sport that you know you used to enjoy.


How we can help with Depression & Low Mood

Whilst it is normal to feel down sometimes, but you may find that your low feelings persist. If your low mood does not ease through talking and exploring ways to help manage it, it may be time to seek professional help.

Our team of expert therapists can offer you a range of specialist psychological therapies to suit your needs. Our starting point for therapy is to offer an individual consultation to think with you about your worries or concerns and identify the approach to therapy that is most likely to help.

As an independent therapy service, we are delighted to be able to provide a highly personalised approach, informed by clinical research and best practice, professional expertise, and your own preferences.

We understand that seeking therapy can be daunting and that taking the first step can be challenging. We have a team of trained experts who can work with you to design a bespoke and flexible treatment that works best, which is available at our clinics in York, Manchester and online.

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