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What is Couple Therapy?

Relationships are a central feature of all our lives and relationships with partners can be a source of great joy, meaning, support and fun. Couple relationships can also be complicated and difficult to navigate; it is very common for relationships with partners to go through periods of conflict or challenge. Some relationships can cause harm, for example, if there is abuse or violence. If a couple have children, difficulties in the couple relationship can affect the whole family, sometimes creating an intense cycle of problems and distress that it can feel hard to see a way out of. You may find that trying to solve difficulties through talking with your partner just seems to make it worse and feel stuck repeating the same conflicts and disagreements.

Couple therapy involves both partners in the relationship working with a therapist together to explore their relationship difficulties, understand how these developed, and find a happier, healthier way through problems and challenges.

How can Couple Therapy help?

Couple therapy has the potential to help with any difficulties a couple is experiencing in their relationship. Couple relationships can face many challenges, including navigating life changes, such as becoming parents and parenting, experiencing bereavement, the impact of physical illness, difficulties in relationships with adult children or extended family, and supporting ageing parents. Couple relationships can also encounter particular difficulties such as one or both partners experiencing mental health problems, substance use issues, sexual problems or changes in life direction and personal priorities.

Relationship conflict can be hugely distressing and destabilising, but with help to understand and address the difficulties being experienced, couples can feel better able to find a way forward that works for them.

What is a Couples Therapy session like?

We have several experienced couple therapists here at The Retreat Clinics who can offer:

Impartial observations and constructive challenges, balanced with empathy and support

Understanding your current difficulties and exploring how these developed

Increasing understanding of your own and your partner’s feelings

Enhancing communication and problem-solving skills

Rediscovering the strengths in your couple relationship and developing new ones

The first step would be to schedule an initial consultation of 50 minutes with your partner and one of our couple therapists to discuss your main concerns and think together about how therapy may be able to help.

We do not currently offer court-directed mediation, but we do work with couples who have already decided to separate and want to be supported through this process. If you are experiencing domestic violence or are concerned about the way your partner behaves to you, including psychological mistreatment or emotional abuse, you can find useful information and support on IDAS or on

We do not work with couples where there is recent or current physical violence in the relationship.

We understand that seeking therapy can be daunting and that taking the first step can be challenging. We have a team of trained experts available at our clinics in York, Manchester and online.

If you are unsure whether you need therapy within our general adult’s service or our Neurodiversity service, please get in touch using the form below for more information about our different sorts of therapy. We would be delighted to discuss your situation and needs with you.

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