Announcing a New Partnership: The Retreat Clinics and The Natalie Kate Moss Trust

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership that promises to enhance our commitment to mental health and wellbeing. The Retreat Clinics has joined forces with the Natalie Kate Moss Trust, a renowned organisation dedicated to preventing lifestyle related brain haemorrhages from occurring through research, education and support. The Natalie Kate Moss Trust also generate funds to support ground breaking research to treat brain haemorrhages  when they do occur.

A Shared Vision for Mental Health

At the core of this partnership lies a shared vision: to provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health services to those in need. By partnering with the Natalie Kate Moss Trust, we aim to expand our reach and impact significantly.

About The Natalie Kate Moss Trust

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust was established to honour Natalie Kate Moss’s legacy by turning personal tragedy into a powerful force for good. Their mission is focused on preventing brain haemorrhages and improving the lives of those affected by such conditions.

You can learn more about their work by visiting The Natalie Kate Moss Trust.