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What is parent-child therapy?

Parent-child therapy involves both you and your child having individual therapy sessions with a therapist to assess your child’s needs and plan a bespoke programme, tailored to both of your needs. Understanding how to respond to your children and address their requirements can be challenging for parents and is why we work with parents and children together, supporting you both.

What do we use parent-child therapy for?

Our child-parent therapists can help you overcome difficult situations and confrontations, avoid stressful situations, and have a more intimate bond with your child. Joint therapy sessions for you and your child can also be a great way for you to interact, communicate and develop your relationship together.

Parent- Child therapy can help you to see and understand the world through the eyes of your child and from their point of view, helping you to understand their thoughts, ideas, and intentions. It can also help you communicate with your child to show them that you are trying to understand them and acknowledge their individual thoughts and feelings.

What is a parent-child therapy session like?

For young children, interactional play activities between your child and therapist can help your child manage their emotions in a comfortable environment. Our therapist can then help you use these interactional play activities with your child.

Our parent-child therapy uses a number of special techniques, working with our empathetic and highly qualified therapists. These include Reflective functioning and guided observation questioning, which is known as Behaviour, Meaning, Feeling. Every child is different, so trying different  techniques to discover what is best for them is important.

After observing your child, our team of child experts will work together with you and your child to design a bespoke and flexible treatment which works best for them. We will support you throughout the sessions to know what to expect from your child at each stage of their development.

We understand seeking therapy can be daunting for both you and your child and that taking the first step can be hard. We have a team of professional and friendly child therapists who can work together with you and your child to design a bespoke and flexible treatment which works best for them. Our children’s therapy services are available for children and teenagers aged 5 to 17, at our clinics in York, Manchester and online.

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