Compassionate and Strength Based Parenting

Event Dates

  • 18th June 2024 1:00pm


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Welcome to the Compassionate and Strength Based Parenting event! Join us online for an online workshop which is designed to help parents/ carers to think about how they can develop a compassionate relationship with their child(ren) and within their family as a whole. It provides practical information to help develop a strength-based parenting approach.

This workshop provides an introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy which helps to foster compassion and kindness within relationships between parents/ carers and their children, between children and in families as a whole. Compassion focused therapy is a neurological informed model that focuses on the development of self-soothing, self-supportiveness and nurturance.

The strength-based parenting approach helps parents/ carers think about how they can set up strategies, routines and environments that give children the very best chance of achieving their full potential. This approach is helpful for all children, including those who have experienced trauma and/or had adverse life experiences. Parents/ carers staff should come away with practical knowledge of the five domains for strengths-based parenting; these are Body, Relationship, Stamina, Engagement and Character.

The workshop will be delivered by Jennifer Bailey, a child psychotherapist working with The Retreat Clinics with Children and Young People. She is also a qualified social worker.