Express yourself with art therapy

Do you sometimes feel its difficult to really explain how you are feeling in words? There are other ways you can express how you feel…

Sometimes it’s a sound, like a sigh or a scream. Or an action that helps people understand how you are feeling, like when you cry or tense up.

Being able to express yourself using art materials can be another way to help you and others understand your feelings.

Like splashing some paint around to show you are confused or excited.

Or stamping your hands into some clay to vent your anger.

Or making marks with pens or pencils to express your frustration with something.

Or making a drawing to help you work something through which is making you anxious or sad.

Art can be a great way to express yourself; it can be a mindful experience to calm your anxiety, it can be an expressive activity to work through your problems and share with people you feel safe with.

You could see an art therapist and use art materials and making as part of the therapeutic process. Art therapy can redirect attention away from worrying thoughts which in turn can help regulate the nervous system. If this is something you are interested in for either your self or your child, please contact the Retreat Clinics.