Group Psychotherapy Starts January 2024

Group psychotherapy is a longer term therapy, particularly helpful for people with difficulties in their relationships, their self-confidence or in communicating with others. This may be in all areas of life or particularly in work, home life or with friends and family. Group therapy can be help if you: • Feel isolated and alone and find it hard to trust others • Lack self confidence • Feel depressed and anxious • Always feel on the edge of things and that you don’t belong • Find yourself repeating the same patterns in relationships • Struggle with knowing who you are or understanding your feelings • Experienced difficulties in your early life that impact on you now • Get stuck in a particular role in the family or at work • Struggle with feelings such as guilt, shame or anger


Group psychotherapy provides a safe space so that you can talk about your difficulties with others. It increases self-understanding and improves relationships with others. Being able to express difficult thoughts and feelings, can make them feel less overwhelming and, in time, more manageable.


Our groups meet online Monday evenings 5.30pm-7.00pm. There are usually 8 group members who meet weekly for 90 minutes. This is a longer-term psychotherapy and you should join for at least six months or longer. New members join the group as spaces are available. The groups are facilitated by an experienced group psychotherapist who will help group members get the most from the group. They will meet with you on your own at first, to get to know you and so you can think about whether group therapy is suitable for you.


I can help with conditions and issues such as depression; anxiety; personality disorder; eating disorders; relationship problems; loss and bereavement; stress, trauma, and abuse. I have interests in LGBTQ+ mental health; older adult mental health; the mental health of professionals; medically unexplained symptoms; and living with long-term physical health conditions.

If you are interested in finding our more please email or call 0161 445 2099 and speak with one of our administrators.