Safety and Health at Work Day

For this year’s world day for Safety and Health at Work, The Retreat clinics are focusing on one of the biggest concerns for safety and health at work

We all have to deal with stress, whether daily issues or a significant event that causes undue pressure. When consistently dealing with stress on a daily basis in high volumes and failing to deal with this, we are at risk of ‘burnout‘. A new study commissioned by Asana, revealed that three-quarters of UK workers (75 per cent) were reported to have suffered from burnout in 2020.

Symptoms for burnout are characterised by the WHO by three factors; feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from your job/ feeling negative and cynical towards your job and a reduction in your efficacy in work.

How can you deal with burnout?

To deal with burnout we must consider the three R approach:

  • Recognise: Being able to see the warning signs of burnout
  • Reverse-: We need to reverse the damage by seeking support and managing our stress
  • Resilience: By taking care of our physical and emotional health we are able to build up a resilience to burnout.

It is important to reframe your approach to work and your priorities, increase your communication with other people, and manage whom you communicate with. For example turning to co-workers, friends or family members. It may also be beneficial to limit contact with stressors.

If you would prefer to speak to someone with professional experience, we have a team of highly-qualified therapists who can help you understand and manage stress and burnout symptoms.