Free Therapy For Adults

Free Therapy For Adults

Our Quaker led charity has provided mental health services for over 200 years. Our services are firmly based in our values of compassion, collaboration, and community building. We are passionate about helping people, giving hope, and building resilience. We’re aware that for many people it’s difficult to find the resources to fund therapy, especially now, and so we have dedicated a small fund to provide free therapy for adults in receipt of means tested welfare benefits. Our therapy services are now available in York, Manchester and online.

 What are we offering?

We are offering a limited number of places for free therapy sessions, to adults in receipt of means tested welfare benefits.

How do I know if I need it?

You may be struggling with difficulties around anxiety or low mood, patterns of behaviour or difficulties in relationships. You may have struggled with things for a long time, or have noticed things getting worse more recently. You may have had some therapy before and found it useful, or want to try a different approach, or you may not have ever talked with a professional about what’s troubling you.

Therapy offers a regular, safe and confidential space to talk, either online or in person. We offer a range of different therapy approaches to meet our client’s needs; some clients prefer a structured approach focussed on practical tools to help you manage situations better, whilst others might be looking for an open and exploratory space to think about where difficulties might be coming from.

Therapy generally isn’t suitable for people who feel in crisis or who need urgent mental health support.

How will it work?

If you would like to access the service, we will ask you to complete a brief form and provide some information about the welfare benefits you are receiving. We can go through this process on the phone with you, or send you the form to complete if you prefer. If eligible, you will be offered an initial 50 minute appointment with a therapist, to think together about your situation and how therapy may be able to help. Following this session you may be offered up to 9 additional sessions, most likely with the therapist you have already met.

How can I find out more?

We would be happy to talk to you on the phone about the service and whether you might be eligible. Please call us on 01904 412551 (York) 0161 445 2099 (Manchester), or email us on