Blue Monday- The January Blues

Blue Monday- The January Blues


This year Blue Monday falls on 16th January. While the origin of this day comes from a travel agency’s PR stunt, it is true there is an increased number of individuals feeling low during January which has led to the phrase The January Blues. The most common causes for this period of low mood are Seasonal affective disorder, financial stress and expectations set by new years resolutions.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the experience of periods of low moods during the winter months, poor weather and lack of daylight are thought to contribute to the development of SAD. It is suggested a lack of daylight can lower your levels of happiness due to a lack of vitamin D, this can lead to the experience of depressive symptoms.

January is also the month that follows Christmas and New Year, For many financial stress increases and you may have set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. Many individuals will set New Year’s resolutions with high expectations of what they can achieve. Due to a lack of vitamin D, most individuals feel a lack of motivation. A lack of motivation will make us more likely to break our New Years resolution leaving many disappointed, which can also contribute to feeling low during this period.

Many would have heard the well-known phrase “new year, new me”. But it is important to remember while it is a new year, we are still ourselves. The new year simply brings new opportunities and new starts for us all. Try to set realistic goals of what you would like to achieve for this month and work towards this.

All the above contributes to the January Blues, but it is important to remember if you are experiencing this you are not alone and it is possible to beat the blues with some of the self-help tips listed below.

Sometimes periods of low moods cannot be alleviated by self-help, and you may need to seek some professional advice. Here at The Retreat Clinics our therapists are highly experienced and skilled in short-term therapy and brief treatment programmes, as well as in longer-term work.

Our initial consultations ensure we understand your budget and can carefully consider with you what we can offer that is be a good fit for your financial budget, as well as your mental health needs.

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