First day of Spring

First day of Spring

Today marks the first day of Spring! This means warmer weather, more daylight and flourishing plants. Many individuals may feel low from the winter with a lack of vitamin D from the sun and the winter blues. Spring cleaning is on the cards this month for many, it dates back to the ancient Jewish custom in which Jewish families thoroughly clean their houses in preparation for the Springtime feast of Passover.

Many of us feel the pressure of a Spring clean, those who suffered throughout the winter months with low moods may have fallen behind with basic cleaning tasks.  This is completely normal and could be the reason you feel more stress and pressure to catch up with all the cleaning.

However, research suggests Spring cleaning can provide a stress reduction, and due to the reduction in stress, we feel a positive effect on our mental well-being. Spring cleaning is also a physical activity, there are many significant benefits that physical activity has on our mental health. Physical activity gives us a sense of achievement, feeling less angry/ frustrated and aids with motivation and concentration.

Below are some helpful tips to consider before starting your Spring cleaning:

Create a list of tasks you wish to achieve whilst going through your Spring cleaning, this will give you structure and keep you focused.

Declutter before you start cleaning, if you start to clean a cluttered home you will soon become frustrated and overwhelmed with this. It is best to always start with decluttering and organising before moving on.

Take breaks, Spring cleaning doesn’t need to happen within 24 hours take your time with this. It is best to start in one place and start small. Take it one space at a time and try not to move on to something else before finishing what you have already started. This will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Play music whilst you complete your cleaning tasks, you may be feeling anxious to start these tasks. Research suggests music can be a medium for processing emotions and regulating anxiety.

Wherever it is you start with your Spring cleaning, you should be proud that you have made that start. If you are unable to make a start with the Spring cleaning, it may be helpful for you to communicate with a trusted individual and ask them for some help. It takes courage to ask and recognise you may need a helping hand, by reaching out you have already made a start.