Student Mental Health Awareness day

Student Mental Health Awareness day

Over the last couple of years, the decline in student mental health has increased. There is a revolving door of research surrounding student mental health however this does not seem to slow down the rise in the decline in student mental health.

Burnout amongst students is on the rise as we are currently facing a cost of living crisis. Many Universities do offer financial support for their students who are struggling, it is best to contact your student support services who will be able to help guide you in the right direction.

The data for students’ mental health reported by Randstad in 2022 have stated almost 50% of students have considering dropping out of university, 7 in every 10 students have either been diagnosed with a long-term mental health condition, are experiencing a short-term mental health condition, or think they may have a condition that has not been diagnosed.

The pressure students face increases throughout their three years+ of studying, passing your degree becomes a priority and one setback can have a knock-on effect on that student’s academic studies. Students should be reminded that during the summer period, many universities offer a resubmission period, this is to prevent having to re-sit the entire year. Some Universities offer a first attempt or defer your work until the summer period. Ask your university about its policy on mitigating circumstances, your well-being team or student union will be able to advise you on your universities specific policy.

It is important to talk to your course tutor/lecturers, they are there to help you and guide you through your course. They will give you the best advice on the work you may be worrying about. Students may find the university counselling services beneficial if they are waiting to be seen by a GP or mental health professional. Most universities have a well-being team that is dedicated to supporting students’ mental health throughout their time at university.

The Retreat Clinics is currently offering a free online workshop for young people managing exam stress, this is running on 20th April at 12:00 pm. You can find out more on our Events page.

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