Christmas, Students & Deadlines

Christmas, Students & Deadlines

While many of us are getting ready to celebrate the festive season, most university students are currently travelling home. For some of the students this will be the first time celebrating the festive period whilst studying. Many students have been working tirelessly up until this week to meet their deadlines and revise for their exams. While you would expect students to stop over Christmas, many have deadlines and exams for January. Burnout and stress amongst students does increase over the Christmas period due to the constant pressure of studying.

Many students do consider dropping out of university during the January period for this reason. If you are currently feeling low over the Christmas period and are considering dropping out, try to exhaust all options before making that big decision.

You may feel a sense of panic and submit a piece of work while you are not in the right frame of mind. You should know that most universities have procedures in place and will support and guide you through this. Your university will have a wellbeing team that will be able to give you guidance specifically for your university and may offer mental health services.

During the summer period many universities offer a resubmission period, this is to prevent yourself having to resit a whole year. Some even offer a first attempt or for you to defer your work until the summer period. Ask your university about their policy on mitigating circumstances, your wellbeing team or student union will be able to advice you on your universities specific policy. Finally, talk to your course tutor/lecturers. They are there to help you and guide you through your course, they will give you the best advice on the work you may be worrying about. Sometimes all it takes is reassurance that you are doing it right to give you the confidence in your work.

We have contacted two university students to see what they have had to say on studying during the festive period.

Esmèe a third year Psychology student has said: “try not to burn yourself out, just remember for many university course 3rd year bares more weight. A lot of students will struggle to organise their studies in 3rd year if they have not already set a routine in 2nd year, so a routine is vital for your studies. Also remember to have some social time as you will feel you can never get that down time as its Christmas, then January deadlines, then easter deadlines and then summer when you finish. Finally, if you are in 1st year just remember your mark for this year does not go towards your overall degree.”

Jessica a second year paramedic science student has said: “I wish I would have done more over the summer break, they all said 2nd year would be a step up and it really has been. If you are feeling low seek some sort of help otherwise it will build up but remember if you are stressed about university it means that you care. If your course has personal  tutors reach out to them for advice, in my first year of university I shut down over Christmas and tried to enjoy my time with my family. This year I have realised it is a balance, I have prioritised and set a routine. You just need to find that balance and prioritise but don’t let it consume you.”