Catherine Archbold

Catherine Archbold

Integrative Psychotherapist


My Expertise

I’m an Integrative Psychotherapist so I enjoy a wide variety of ways of working. My passion is creating an environment where people feel able to share all without judgement. Feeling heard and acknowledged.

My Qualifications

Diploma in Psychotherapy
Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Why I became a therapist

I know the value and power of being listened to and I wish to do the same for others.

What I enjoy the most about my work

I most enjoy being able to provide, hold and contain a safe space for people to feel able to share.

My interests outside of work

I believe in Psychotherapy that Mind, Body and Soul need to be acknowledged and tended to. This belief is just as important in my life outside work. Gardening, walking, body work, meditation, talking and music all support this for me.