Judy Rathbone

Judy Rathbone

Family Therapist

Manchester, Online

My Expertise

I have worked with children and families with a range of presenting problems in CAMHS for the last 27 years. I believe that whatever the nature of the difficulty we face the challenge can be in how we relate and communicate about it which is what drew me to specialise as a family therapist.

My Qualifications

My first training was as a social worker and then a social work practice teacher. I gained my professional qualification as a Family Therapist in 2005 and subsequently qualified as a Family Therapy Supervisor.

What I enjoy most about my work

I believe from personal and professional experience that change can happen in a safe space when each person’s perspective as well as their hopes, values, intentions and resources, can be voiced, heard and understood.
It is a privilege to witness and be part of the work that individuals and families undertake to improve their lives.

My interests outside of work

Outside of work I like to get some perspective in my own life by walking in the hills. I like to sing – not necessarily in the hills – and I am a keen potter!