Julie Haworth

Julie Haworth

Integrative Psychotherapist

Manchester, Online

My Expertise

I am a clinician specialising in helping people safely explore and resolve the consequences of psychological trauma. I have worked in a variety of
clinical settings including NHS, charitable and voluntary sectors, counselling adults, adolescents and children.

My main areas of interest are anxiety, depression and mood disorders; bereavement, grief and loss; childhood bullying; complex trauma; domestic abuse; childhood sexual abuse; historic sexual abuse;
low self confidence; identity; post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
I have additional training in Complex Trauma and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

My Qualifications

MA (dist.) Integrative Psychotherapy
PGCert. Integrative Psychotherapist
PGCert. Education
PGCert. Coaching.

What is your therapeutic modality

Integrative Psychotherapy is concerned with the
process of integrating the personality. This involves
taking into consideration abandoned, rejected or
unaware aspects of self when helping people to
resolve their problems. Negative defence
mechanisms can inhibit spontaneity and create
inability to feel joy in life. For people who
experience an internal negative dialogue these
unhelpful coping mechanisms can be the cause of
distress. Inability to break the negative cycles that
occur can lead to exhaustion, ill health, confusion,
and a sense of feeling weighed down.
Integrative Psychotherapy deals with this by
considering many aspects of human functioning.
Treatment focuses on bringing together a range of
psychotherapeutic approaches tailored to the needs
of the client. These include psychodynamic, clientcentred, cognitive behavioural, family therapy,
Gestalt therapy, body-psychotherapies,
psychoanalytic self psychology, and transactional
analysis. Compared to a single therapeutic
modality, the unique merits of combined
approaches such as integrative psychotherapy are
to bring together aspects of self, including mood,
cognition, physiology, and behaviour. The social and
transpersonal aspects of integrative psychotherapy
are what makes the approach special.
My approach is concerned with the healing of
mental, emotional, and physical health. I aim to help
people learn about and understand themselves at a
deeper level leading to greater acceptance of
themselves. I listen attentively and works with clients
to explore and address their problem