Matthew Nolan

Matthew Nolan

Psychotherapeutic counsellor/therapist

Manchester, Online

My Qualifications and Expertise

MSc Psychology (Forensic route)
Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Children & Young People
Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Adults

I have two sets of qualifications. One allows me to call myself a psychotherapeutic counsellor trained to work with adults. The other qualification does the same but for work with children.

These two specialities mean I work creatively and focus on helping my clients, whatever their ages, feel safe.

Why I became a therapist

People I love have, in the past, struggled to find the help we all need with our mental health. All the experience and qualifications I've built up have been to help me become the therapist that could have helped when we needed it. What I've learned, both about myself and how we all work, can now help you.

My interests outside of work

I love creativity; live music, painting, drawing, print-making, pottery, writing, poetry, dance… you name it I’ll want to see it and give it a go if I can.