Peter Rigg

Peter Rigg

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Manchester, Online

My Expertise

I am a Freudian analytic therapist, working from once weekly to three times weekly. I work with anyone who is suffering from persistent obstacles in life. My approach is to try to bring to awareness unhelpful ways of functioning which don’t come readily to one’s attention.

My Qualifications

North West Diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, from the North-West Institute of Dynamic Psychotherapy

Why I became a therapist

When I was younger, my own mental health was poor, and my efforts to understand this stimulated an interest in this field. I became a couples therapist with Relate and then underwent analytic training.

What I enjoy most about work

I most enjoy trying to understand things in depth, and the process of strengthening the self that comes from that effort.

My interests outside of work

I’m curious about life. I enjoy studying psychoanalysis, but also history, philosophy, and all sorts of culture. I enjoy family, and friends, and people. I think we’re all human and nobody’s perfect, or can be.