The Impact of Breast Cancer – How Psychosexual Therapy Can Help

Here at The Retreat, we understand how the diagnosis of breast cancer can be a traumatic, life changing event and has a considerable psychological impact.

Often the only focus initially is to survive. After successful treatment however, other areas of life begin to hold significance again and sex can be part of this. Breast Cancer (and other Cancers) change the way we view our body, how our body feels and how we see our attractiveness. Sex can then become something to be avoided rather than an enjoyable, intimate experience. This then may have consequences for your sexual relationship, and you might feel more isolated and alone.

Psychosexual therapy can help you explore these issues and more. Exploring how you see yourself sexually can help you address the psychological blocks to sexual recovery. Likewise, your sexual partner might also have been affected and they might not know how to talk about what they feel or how to help you. Psychosexual therapy can be conducted with both you and your partner to resolve these problems.

Psychosexual therapy offers individual clients, or couples, the opportunity to discuss their sex life and any problems that they are experiencing. Common sexual problems that psychosexual therapy can help resolve are low libido, sexual pain, lack of orgasm, body image concerns, sexual impact of the menopause and erectile or ejaculation difficulties. Sometimes these problems are caused by psychological or relational factors, but they might also be related to medical intervention.

We have an experienced team of therapists at The Retreat who have worked in both a therapeutic and medical (hospital) setting, allowing them to provide support and a tailored programme that can be effective, regardless of the cause of psychosexual problems.

This is a confidential service, delivered with sensitivity and understanding.

All of our therapies are available at our clinics in York, Manchester and online. If you would like to find out more please get in touch by using the form below, or emailing or