Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) in York, Manchester & online

What is Cognitive Analytic Therapy?

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) is a talking therapy which focusses on patterns of relating which might have unintentionally become unhelpful or stuck. CAT will consider the effect that these can have on your relationships and the way you view yourself. The aim of CAT is to minimise the distress you experience within your relationships with others and with yourself.

Using a collaborative approach, CAT will work on awareness of the problem affecting you, helping you understand its origins and how it might have manifested into unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. You are encouraged to think about roles that you find yourself in and patterns that you might notice yourself replaying.

The active part of CAT helps you to practice new ways of the problem in ways which are healthy, manageable, and tailored to your individual needs.


How can Cognitive Analytic Therapy help?

CAT has proven to be effective in the treatment of numerous mental health conditions including:



Stress & Burnout


Relationship problems



What is a Cognitive Analytic Therapy session like?

You will meet with an accredited CAT practitioner who will work collaboratively with you to explore events and relationships (often from childhood or earlier in life) that underlie your thoughts, feelings and actions now.

CAT is often for a set number of sessions, with different points of review, to ensure that the focus of the work is relevant, and that therapy is effective.

Early therapy sessions will usually involve the therapist listening to your story and working with you to create a shared understanding of your difficulties. With your therapist you will begin to piece together patterns in your thoughts and behaviours. You and your therapist will often write a letter describing your story and your patterns, to help you choose what you want to focus on in the therapy.

The subsequent sessions often involve trying to recognise and change the patterns that are causing your problems.

We understand that seeking therapy can be daunting and that taking the first step can be challenging. We have a team of trained experts available at our clinics in York, Manchester and online.

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