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We can provide assessments of therapeutic needs for children who have been referred by local authorities. These assessments are usually funded by Children’s Social Care or Health Services.

These assessments are usually for children who have complex and specialist needs because of their life experiences.

During the assessments, our therapists will consider the emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and psychological needs of children and young people. These are often a holistic process which includes sessions with the child or young person, with the parent or carer, liaison with other professionals involved, reading reports from other agencies and the completion of psychometric measures.

The written assessment of therapeutic need is then shared with the local authority or health authority and with the parent/carer, follow this a decision is then made about whether to proceed into therapeutic intervention.

Once this decision has been made and if funding is agreed, we can then offer bespoke therapeutic support for the family. This typically includes individual sessions with the child, parent / carer, and joint sessions if this is appropriate. There is usually liaison with other professionals.

All our therapists who complete these assessments have knowledge and training in child development, psychopathology, attachment and developmental trauma. We have dual qualified and trained therapists experienced in providing assessments.

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