Wellbeing support for the NHS in York, Manchester & online

As the demand for mental health support and services has dramatically increased over the past few years in response the pandemic, many GP surgeries may be struggling to provide the support that their patients need.


How we can help

To further increase the existing knowledge that medical staff within the NHS already have, we offer a range of presentations and workshops which cover the following topics:

Identifying anxiety and providing psychoeducation to patients (adults or CYP)

Identifying depression and providing psychoeducation to patients (adults or CYP)

Impact of bereavement/loss

Trauma informed practice

Understanding self-harm

Health anxiety


Social anxiety

Psychological treatment for sleep difficulties – potentially also psychological treatment for sexual difficulties

Common perinatal mental health issues

Cluster C personality disorders in primary care

What is Autism; what is ADHD; recognising neurodevelopmental conditions in children, young people and adults

Eating problems

All of these can be delivered at your GP surgery and/or hospital, or at our clinics in York, Manchester and online.

We would also welcome the opportunity to hear from GPs about their key support needs, as our team of experienced clinicians have expertise in a wide range of issues relating to children, young people and adult’s mental health as well as extensive expertise in Autism and ADHD.

To find out more about how we can support the NHS and your patients, please get in touch by filling out the contact form below.

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