The Other Stuff – 10 things that are often associated with Autism?

Event Dates

  • 27th March 2023 10:00am


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In Autism Acceptance Week Ronnie and Stephen will be in conversation about some of the common things that are not part of the diagnostic criteria as such but keep coming up as being the other stuff that you want to know. Ronnie as an autistic adult will highlight some of things not often discussed that he and other autistic people seem to ask him about on a regular basis in his role as Peer Mentor .

This is an event for all who want to find out a little bit more about some of the other stuff !

Hosts : Ronnie Pinder ( Peer Mentor – The Retreat Clinics -York , UK ) , Stephen Simpson ( Senior Clinician – The Retreat Clinics -York UK) , Caitlin Steel ( Assistant Psychologist – The Retreat Clinics – York UK)